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  • What is a sub domain and how does it work?

    An example of a sub domain is http://stock.domain.com When you create a sub domain with us stock.domain.com would point to the stock folder in your public_html directory. These are not forwarders, but true apache sub domains.
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  • The subdomains do not work?

Subdomains are disabled by default. If you would like to use subdomains please e-mail the support team and request they be enabled. Include your domain name and your username.
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  • WWW does not work with my sub domain?

When you create a sub domain you can only access it at http://sub.domain.com. You can not access it at http://www.sub.domain.com.
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  • How do I create an FTP login for a subdomain

    In the control panel go to account settings --> ftp Manager --> ftp accounts --> add account.
    When setting up the ftp access, the username for the ftp account must be the same as the subdomain you wish to enable ftp access for. (if subdomain is myname the username must be myname) When logging in through ftp include the @websitename.com with the username (myname@websitename.com).
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