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  • What is MySQL?

    MySQL is the most popular Open Source SQL Database system. A database is a structured collection of data. MySQL allows you to quickly access, edit add to the database.
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  • How do I create a new database?

You can create new databases in the SQL feature of the Cpanel located at http://your-domain.com:2082/. This feature is under the Advanced Menu. First, you must create the actual database. You just need to enter a name for the database such as users. The database will be created as yourusername_users. Once done, you will need to create a username and password in the MySQL system. A username could be access. When created it will become yourusername_access. Once done, you need to add the user into the database. This is the final step of creating a MySQL database.
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  • Can I install phpMyAdmin?

It has been pre-installed for you. We offer this program through the CPanel for you to use. PhpMyAdmin is at the bottom of the SQL section in the CPanel.
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  • How can I backup my MySQL Database?

You can use PhpMyAdmin to dump the contexts of a database to a *.sql file. You can also use PhpMyAdmin to restore a database from a *.sql file.
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  • Where can I find more information on MySQL?

Official MySQL site: http://www.mysql.com/.
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