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Domain name transferring



To transfer your domain name over to us (NZWebService.co.nz) you will need to go to your domain manager and change the name server information to ns1.slam.co.nz and ns2.slam.co.nz.

If your domain name is registered in the New Zealand registry (.co.nz) your domain manager will be Domainz for more information about how to change the name server information click here

If your domain name is registered in the international registry(.com) please contact us and we will look into it.




  • Do you register domain names?

Yes we charge $6.50 per month or $65.00 per year for all top level domain names, click here to register your domain name.
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  • Can you host .co.nz names?

Yes, we are able to host all top level domain names such as yourname.co.nz .net.nz .com .net etc..........
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  • Do I have to register a domain name to host with you?

No, if you do not want to register a domain name (.co.nz .com etc...) you can use a yourname.nzwebservice.co.nz or yourname.slam.co.nz sub domain free as your domain name. Please e-mail us if you would like to use this option.
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  • What are your nameservers?

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  • How do I change my DNS (nameservers)?

You go back to the registrar that you registered your domain name at. Login with the username and password that should have been supplied to you when you registered your domain name. Once logged in look for a link similar to 'Modify or Change Name Servers', and change them to the ones we supplied you. Your registrar will have specific instructions on changing nameservers, read and follow these carefully. Once modified it will take between 24-72 hours before the changes become live. Still confused, please e-mail us. We are happy to make the changes for you. Just e-mail us your User ID and Password for your domain name registrar.
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