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Q: If I change Servers, will I lose my listing in xtra's search engine?
A: No you won't. Xtra's world search is powered by MSN, and xtra's New Zealand search, searches through the .co.nz listing. (Search engine's search for what is at your domain/address, where it is stored makes no difference)

Q: What is a server/host?
A: A server is a computer that is connected to the Internet 24/7 and stores files and makes those files available to you (the surfer) when requested

Q: Who provides the link from Your servers to the Internet.?
A: Backbone connection to Globix, Level3 and in the near future Verizon as well.

Q: What sort of link / Bandwidth are you using from Your servers to the Internet. ?
A: oc3's minimum

Q: What's the difference between unix and windows.
A: The Unix operating system was the preferred operating system in the early days of the Internet It was, and still is a stable platform for a web server, as compared to that of the early day windows equivalent.Unix has been around as long as windows, if not longer, and because of it's age there are many software companies that support it. There has also been many scripting languages placed on the market to compliment Unix.

Only with the arrival of Windows NT has there been a windows operating system stable enough to go the distance with a web server, we are only seeing now with windows software that is advancing ahead of it's rival. Windows has gone to great lengths to compliment the previously mentioned scripting languages, and has introduced new languages for connectivity to MS Access database's and excel spread sheets.

For most people Unix is the Ideal, and from our point of view is much easier to look after . If you require connectivity from your web page's to MS Access database's etc, or Cold Fusion support, Window NT will be the one. We have servers here on both operating systems.


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