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Introductory to web hosting




The illustration to the right shows the basic structure of the Internet in New Zealand. The surfer connects to the Internet through Telecom and then on to their ISP (Internet service provider) in most cases this is either Clear or Xtra.

When the surfer requests to see a web site, the surfer is taken through Domainz and then on to the web server (where the web site files are located)

NZWebService.co.nz is a dedicated web server, we have two servers connected to the Internet via an oc12 fiber optic cable.

If you currently have a web site with another web server, and wish for us to take over hosting, there are several steps we will need to take.

1. Contact us with your domain name, (Order Hosting) then we'll create an account and send you all the necessary details. Don't worry we won't charge you for the account until all the steps below are complete and the site is up and running on our server.

2. Either you or I will have to upload your web site files to our server (FTP (File Transfer Protocol)). If you require me to do this I will need you username and password for your old site. Or if you have your web site files on disk, you could e-mail them to me.

3. Transfer the domain name. (Get the domain name to point to our server.) Again if you require me to do this I will need your user ID and password for you Domain manager, (nominally "Domainz" ("Domainz" is the .nz domain manager)). If you want to do this yourself, but need a little help see domain-name-transferring.htm

4. Cancel your account with your old web server. For Xtra customers go to http://xtra.co.nz/products/0,,6075,00.html Print that form and send it to the relevant address at the bottom of the page. For Clear customers just phone 0508 555 500

All going well that should be it. Just remember your business is very important to me and I will endeavor to help as much as I can. Please Drop me an e-mail


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